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Puppy Food Packaging Gone to the Dogs

Puppy Food Packaging Gone to the Dogs

Would your dog like to eat cake? Wouldn't every dog like a cake treat made just for them??

Kelly Costello thinks they would, so she started a company called Puppy Cake that produces cake and ice cream mixes for dogs. Kelly even went on Shark Tank in 2012!! Very cool.

puppy cakePuppy Cake needs to mark the cake and ice cream packages per food packaging traceability regulations.

Kelly says "we are required to be able to identify a batch and then be able to recall that entire batch. So every batch has to have a unique code. For us, we use the product code and the expiration date."

Puppy Cake has a generic hot stamp date coder from China and was buying her ribbon from Technopack.

But, the mark quality was a bit low, and the date code impression rubbed off after it was applied. So, she started looking for a new supplier.

After doing some research online, she found Durable Technologies' black hot stamp ribbons for package date coding

Kelly says, "Matt and the team at Durable were very responsive and sent us samples to test right away. We tried the sample, and it was the best ribbon we have ever used. It didn’t smudge at all!"

Puppy Cake is using the 172 black ink formula for printing onto clear plastic bags, specifically 52g PVDC PET/ADH/.002 LLDPE.

"We really appreciate the quality products and great service from Durable Technologies, and plan on continuing to use their hot stamp ribbon and OEM-alternative metal type in the future," states Kelly.

Package Date Coding

Whether package marking lot numbers, expiration dates, case codes, 2D barcodes or general package date coding, Durable Technologies has the replacement needed to be your date coding supply specialist.

We manufacture and supply replacement products for nearly every OEM packaging machine including Markem-Imaje®, Norwood®, Kingsley®, Jones®, Norden®, Open Date®, Rommelag®, Videojet®, Diagraph®, Linx®, Domino®, and many more.

Durable Technologies carries a broad-based package marking product line to solve the widest variety of packaging marking applications and has the experience needed to make the very best recommendation for your situation.

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