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Choosing the Best Package Marking Solution

Posted by Matt Martin

Everything needs a package. Every package needs marking for identification and traceability. Durable Technologies provides package marking solutions for just about every product package type, from high-speed on-the-fly marking of consumer goods to very specific and detailed custom labels for high-cost industrial capital equipment.

package marking Some key questions to ask when deciding on the correct method for package marking include:

  1. How many characters do you need to mark?
  2. Is the mark a surface mark or an engraved or etched mark?
  3. Will the mark be subject to other packaging processes like painting, anodizing, or sterilization?
  4. Is the mark serialized or unique to each item being marked?
  5. What material is being marked?
  6. What is the environment for the marking station? Is it is a harsh manufacturing environment or in a clean area?
  7. Are there any industry regulations or government package marking guidelines to comply with?
  8. How long does the mark need to last?
  9. Who is going to read or use the package marking downstream? Is it a human-readable or a machine-readable bar code?
  10. Is the package marking applied manually or part of an automated assembly line?
  11. Does the package marking system need to be connected or communicate with any other assembly automation?

package marking Choosing the correct package marking technology is not always an easy decision.

There are many package marking technology options to choose from, and many suppliers only specialize in a narrow band of capabilities, so their recommendations have an inherent bias.

These one-trick pony suppliers will manipulate the situation to their advantage to get you to buy from them and not necessarily recommend the best solution for your particular requirements.

Durable Technologies carries a broad-based package marking product line to solve the widest variety of packaging marking applications and has the experience to make the very best recommendation for your situation.

Whether package marking lot numbers, expiration dates, case codes, 2D barcodes or general package date coding, Durable Technologies has the replacement metal coding type and dies, type holders, hot stamping foil, hot melt ink rollers, rubber type, ink jet fluids, and thermal transfer ribbons needed to be your date coding supply specialist.

As the premier metal type supplier in the country, Durable Technologies manufactures brass and steel dies and Packaging Type used for coding, imprinting, labeling, embossing, and debossing. Our replacement packaging type and steel stamp dies are commonly used in cartoners, sealers, tube fillers, labelers, wrappers, thermoform and imprinters for hot or cold marking of labels, tags, packages, cartons, boxes, plastic, and/or metal surfaces.

This post was published on June 6, 2023 and updated on May 8, 2024.

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