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Hot Foil Marking

Hot Foil Marking

While there are a wide range of industrial marking solutions, from laser marking systems to impact presses, when it comes to decorative marking there are fewer options available. One of the best decorative marking solutions for both professional settings and hobbyists is hot foil marking.

One of the many reasons why hot foil marking is ideal for decorative marking purposes is because of the ease with which a huge range of marks, including text, graphics, and logos, can be made. To use hot stamping foils you simply load a metal die into the hot stamping press, add a swatch or roll of hot stamping foil, fixture your part, and make your mark.

Hot stamping foils are ideal for decorative printing because they offer superior consistency, abrasion resistance, adhesion, sharp detail, and brightness. Some of the most common hot foil marking applications include:

  • Leather goods
  • Cloth
  • Satin
  • Vinyl
  • Hard plastics
  • Acrylic
  • Coated and uncoated substrates

These applications are used to create a wide range of finished products such as book covers, book bindings, greeting cards, stationery, cosmetics, advertising specialties, napkins, ribbons and bows, and more.

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