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Buttress Triangle Hand Stamps

Buttress Triangle Hand Stamps

One of our most popular marking solutions is the steel hand stamp.

Steel hand stamps are versatile and long lasting, made from a special grade of tool steel to resist spalling and mushrooming. Steel hand stamps also allow for a wide range of design options and can be custom-made to satisfy almost any part marking requirement.

full-character-buttress-stampOne of our most popular special-purpose steel hand stamps are the Buttress Steel Stamps. These 3/8” high equilateral triangle stamps are used to line up the tightening points during the assembly process of pipes and are available in low stress full character or low stress dot character.

Our buttress stamps are manufactured, according to your specifications, out of heavy-duty steel that provides extra-long service life. We also offer Marking Hammers designed to maximize effectiveness when striking stamp as well as Steel Hand Stamp Holders to protect operators from injury.

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