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High Quality Steel Dies Make Stamping Easy

Fyco Tool and Die, Inc. of Cypress, TX is a designer and builder of dies, jigs, fixtures, roll form tooling, and other special components for many metal fabrication operations. Many customers request that tooling include a unique steel die that will permanently imprint a logo, part number or other text like 'Made in the USA' onto the parts being fabricated.  Metal extruders and other metal fabrication customers love the ability to incorporate a custom steel die into their automated processes.

steel dieJeff Westcott, Tooling Designer, says that "we use composite particle steels like CPM 3V and D-2 in order to deliver the highest quality steel dies that last the longest and wear the least.  Our customers want a steel die that lasts and makes the most high quality impressions and that is why we buy from Durable Technologies."

Fyco adds these steel stamping dies to the tools and fixtures they build.  These tools are then added to metal fabrication equipment, aluminum extrusion lines and other production settings where they make the direct part marking impressions that either show the company's brand logo or communicate the part number of the part being fabricated. Fyco also supplies custom die blanks to Durable Technologies for unique custom engraving.  Fyco supplies replacement steel dies from Durable to their customers as well.

steel dies

"Durable steel dies make our tools better and help make us look good to our customers.  Durable builds what we need so we can make our customers happy," says Mr. Westcott.

Metal stamps and steel dies are some of the best steel marking tools available. Steel stamps can be used for impact marking machines, punch presses, press brakes, and other machines. Our custom metal stamps can be made for marking onto flat, curved, concave or convex surfaces.

steel diesAdvantages of steel dies and stamps:

  • Clear marks

  • Durable

  • Permanent

  • Economical

  • Raised or sunken characters

  • Alpha-numeric text, logos and special characters available

  • Flat dies, roll dies and male/female embossing dies available

Contact Durable to see how we can help with you steel die steel and stamp needs.