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How Steel Hand Stamps Make Customization Affordable

How Steel Hand Stamps Make Customization Affordable

For many artisans, the ability to permanently mark their products is a balancing act of efficiency, quality, and affordability. There are many direct part marking methods available, but often times those marking solutions are out of the price range of artists, hobbyists, and small businesses. Steel hand stamps are often the ideal solution for customization, however, because the advantages of steel make hand stamps both durable and affordable while being endlessly customizable. So, even the smallest of operations can afford to customize their products with a maker’s mark, touchmark logo, or custom design.

Advantages of Steel

The key to a hand stamp that is the perfect balance between functional and affordable is the construction material of the stamp itself: steel.

Steel offers users a number of advantages over other construction materials. One of the greatest advantages of steel is its durability. Hand stamps are designed to be hit from above and create an impression into the substrate being marked. The repeated force with which the stamp is struck means that the stamp itself must be manufactured from a material that is strong enough to withstand repeated impact and pressure. In the majority of cases, tool steel is strong enough to stand up to repeated impacts and provide a long service life.

There are, of course, other materials that have the same durability as steel. However, steel offers a key advantage over other construction materials: cost. Where other materials might offer greater strength, the cost of manufacturing hand stamps from them is prohibitive.

Steel is cost effective enough to allow for custom hand stamps to be affordable even in very low quantities. This means that the marking advantages of a hand stamp are available to users who wouldn’t otherwise be able to justify the costs associated with a more robust marking system.

Another advantage that sets steel apart from other materials is its ability to create a clear mark. This goes hand in hand with the durability of the material, but because steel is long lasting it can continue to create a legible, clear mark, long after other materials would experience distortion.

Customization Made Easy

The advantages of steel as a construction material for hand stamps make steel hand stamps ideal for customization in a wide variety of situations. From hobbyists to craftsmen, steel hand stamps allow users to customize their products with almost any design imaginable.

Of course, letters and numbers can be created with hand stamps, but hand stamps can also be customized with logos, symbols, and designs. This makes steel hand stamps the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for the ability to customize their product without the costs associated with a larger, more complex set up (benchtop systems, impact presses, etc.).

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