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Direct Part Marking Basics

A direct part mark is a process used to permanently mark a part for identification, item level traceability, or for design or aesthetic purposes. Direct part marking is a versatile solution that spans many industries and applications, but using direct part marking in industrial applications continues to grow in importance and popularity.  

direct part markingDirect part marks can essentially be made one of three ways:

  • Surface Mark - permanent mark is added to the surface or possibly a slight surface upset
  • Etched Mark - the surface of the part is disturbed to a noticeable depth with the change in surface properties showing a contrast that becomes the visible mark
  • Engraved Mark - deeper mark into the surface designed to survive coatings or harsh environments

Various marking systems can make each kind of direct part mark. The large variety in direct part marking systems allows for a huge range of markable materials, setups, and applications that can be accommodated. Marking system options can be broken down into three ways a direct part mark can be made:

Surface Mark

Etched Mark

Engraved Mark

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Download Direct Part Marking: Personalization