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Hot Ink Rolls

Hot ink rolls are a versatile marking solution that can be found in a wide variety of industries and applications, such as:

  • hot ink rollcandy, gum, confectioners, chips, nuts, snack foods, cookies, cakes
  • bakeries
  • pharmaceuticals
  • sports supplements
  • dairy and cheese
  • frozen foods
  • microwavable foods
  • video duplication
  • food service
  • household goods
  • seasonings
  • automotive
  • security
  • brand protection

Durable Technologies’ hot ink rolls are specialized foam rolls that are friction loaded with a variety of hot melt ink formulations for use in hot ink contact coders, including Markem® Touch Dry Coders, Dato Pak®, EDM®, and Korthofah®.

Our hot melt ink rollers are available in a wide range of formulations for printing onto a variety of substrates and operating temperatures ranging from 200°F – 325°F (93°C - 163°C). Durable Technologies offers four different ink formulations with a variety of colors and sizes available to better meet our customer's package date coding requirements. Contact us to learn more about our hot melt ink rolls or Markem® type.

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