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Norwood 39V steel type is used in hot stamping equipment, typically together with a hot stamp ribbon for package date coding applications. In addition to the hot stamp ribbons (usually black), we also manufacture spacers and type holders in a variety of sizes to accommodate our type.

Norwood 39V steel type, like all of the OEM-alternative type made at Durable, is interchangeable with the versions offered by the manufacturer and is available in the standard range of letters, numbers, punctuation, month and year logos, as well as custom logos such as EXP, LOT, BEST BY, BEST BEFORE, and SELL BY.

brass-hot-stamping-typeIn addition to 39V we also manufacture replacement steel type in the following Norwood styles:

  • 25EX
  • 25TD
  • 25TG
  • 25TN
  • 25TA
  • 39VA1
  • 26M
  • 32J1
  • 32J2
  • 40V
  • 40V1

Additional sizes available (call for more information)

Contact us today at 866-344-7721 for more information on our steel type and hot stamp ribbon for your hot stamping equipment. 

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