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How Do You Select an Impact Press?

impact press

Impact presses are popular marking solutions because they are simple to set up, easy to operate, low maintenance, and offer excellent repeatability. Impact presses are also incredibly versatile, which is why you will find them everywhere from industrial factories to custom metalworking shops. In addition to marking, impact presses are also useful for assembly, stamping, forming, punching, staking and shearing applications.

How Do They Work?

impact press

The impact press marking system creates the force used to stamp, punch, stake, etc. by compressing and releasing a spring loaded energy section. This spring compression (the working load) can be easily and quickly adjusted by the operator. Marking applications typically require either steel type with a press style holder, or a numbering head

How Do You Select a Press?            

There are a number of variables that need to be taken into account when trying to identify the right impact press for you particular application. In order to determine which press is right for you, please be prepared to answer the following questions regarding the application you will be using the press for:

  • Are you currently using a similar press? If so, what make and model?
  • What material/s will you be stamping?
  • What size characters do you want to mark?
  • How many lines of text?
  • How many characters per line?
  • What is the estimated volume of part marking required (low, medium, high-volume)?
  • Any post-marking processes we shoud be aware of?

After all of these questions have been answered we'll be ready to provide you with a recommendation. We always encourage our customers and prospects to send us samples of their material/product to ensure the quoted package meets their marking requirements and expectations. 

Download the Impact Press Guide