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Steel Touchmark Stamps for Creators, Blacksmiths, and Artists

Steel Touchmark Stamps for Creators, Blacksmiths, and Artists

Touchmark stamps are used by creators, blacksmiths, and artists to add a small signature mark to their finished pieces. The touchmark functions as an identifier or signature that proudly proclaims the creator of the pieces.

Steel touchmark stamps are ideal for creating this type of mark because they are durable - producing clear, crisp marks throughout their long service life.

Why Choose a Steel Stamp?

touchmark stampNot all touchmarks are made with a handstamp and hammer. In fact, some creators use a hydraulic press (or similar) with a shank stamp to make their touchmark.

Stamps offer users a couple of advantages that recommend them over other marking methods when the volume is low enough.

One of these advantages is that stamps are highly portable. For large or irregular-shaped pieces, a handstamp allows the artist to position their touchmark anywhere on the finished piece.

This gives the creator much more freedom and flexibility than other marking methods.

Stamps are also very easy to use. Hand stamping doesn’t require any specialized training or knowledge. With a little practice and the right tools, anyone can create a perfect mark.

Steel handstamps are also relatively easy and affordable to customize with anything from alphanumeric text to a custom logo. 

Perhaps most importantly, however, steel stamps are durable. Designed to withstand being struck with a mallet without spalling or distorting the image on the stamp head (of course, they will eventually begin to show signs of wear over time), steel hand stamps are an economical, long-lasting marking solution with no maintenance and minimal upfront investment.

Touchmark Stamp Applications

Dobbs1-touchmark-stampTouchmark stamps are unique by design, but in the examples below you can see some of the range in application and design of blacksmith touchmark stamps.

Why Choose Durable Technologies?

What makes Durable Technologies hand stamps different is that they are made from a special grade of cold-forged tool steel. Our hand stamps resist spalling and mushrooming and deliver extra-long service life.

Whatever you need, whether simple or complex, text or logos, we will use your design to make your hand stamps to order, including trademarks and maker's marks.

Sizes range from tiny steel hand stamps to mark jewelry to large steel hand stamps to mark steel slabs. Characters can be sharp face, low-stress full (round) characters, low-stress dot characters, or customized to your specific marking requirements.

Learn More

Contact us for more information about making a touchmark, or custom steel stamping dies, or to see how we can help you with your next direct part marking project or application.

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