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Hot Stamping Coding Type for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Posted by Matt Martin

package date coding, steel type, brass typeOne of Durable Technologies' long time customers is a global leader in manufacturing generic respiratory medications. Their products are available to retail pharmacies, hospitals, home care companies, long term care facilities, mail order pharmacies, and various other customers. Many of their products are produced using B/F/S technology or Blow/Fill/Seal machines that use a variety of hot stamping coding type to imprint a date code, serial number, part number, and company identification.

Aseptic B/F/S systems offer a unique combination of flexibility in packaging design, low operating cost, and a high degree of sterility assurance.

Durable Technologies has been suppling them with a wide range of type over the years for a lot of different marking applications. Durable manufactures Norwood type for their imprinters/hot stampers, brass and steel code pins with sunk and raised characters for both Weiler and Rommelag B/F/S (Blow/Fill/Seal) machines, including single character and custom 2-3-4 character logos.

The Director of Procurement states that "Durable supplies us with a wide variety of type including steel and brass type, as well as many different custom characters and logos that allow us to comply with all FDA regulations for package date coding and part traceability.  The Durable steel type is perfect for our hot stamping process and creates an indelible impression in the side of the plastic molded vial.  This direct part marking identification is a permanent feature of the vial and gives us excellent down stream part identification."  

He continues, "We make over 1 billion vials a year and the deep package date coding type product line from Durable allows us to mark all of the various combinations of plastic formulations and data requirements. Recently we had a problem and needed some package date coding type quickly and Durable delivered.  We received the steel type we needed in a few days - Durable made the impossible possible and keep us up and running."

This post was published on March 27, 2012 and updated on July 8, 2015.

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