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Custom Steel Stamps Meet Tool Service's Needs

Tool Service Blackhawk, located in Milwaukee, WI, is a company that has been in business for over 65 years supporting their distribution customers with only the finest products. When a vendor for steel stamps and stamping die blanks no longer met their service and quality needs, Tool Service undertook a search for a new vendor they could trust – they got just what they were looking for when they found Durable Technologies.

Tool Service - Blackhawk

Durable Technologies is supplying custom steel stamps as well as stamping die blanks for automotive and other industrial applications. “Durable is a great find for us as a vendor. Durable not only filled the needs we had for die blanks but also became our vendor for custom stamp work. We not only satisfied the original customer but were able to add new customers based on Durable’s complete stamp product line,” says Barb Kallan, Tool Service’s Customer Service Manager.

Durable supplies letter, number, and logo stamps to Tool Service for distribution to a number of customers. “Durable’s prices for custom work are so much more competitive than our previous supplier and they are wonderful to deal with. We get quotes back within hours and the design and quality are always very good. Durable has made our customers very happy and they continue to exceed our expectations for a steel stamp and die blank vendor,” states Ms. Kallan.

Durable Technologies' steel stamps and marking dies are custom engineered for identifying industrial products. Every die blank is machined to the user's specifications. Durable’s custom dies satisfy just about any user requirement for marking machines, punch presses, press brakes and other machines. Durable custom stamps can be made for marking on flat, curved, concave or convex surfaces - for stamping part numbers, patent numbers, trade names, trademarks, special lettering or other data.

Tool Service is a division of Blackhawk Industrial and is a full line industrial tooling distributor specializing in product fulfillment, productivity, and cost savings solutions and transactional efficiencies. Product expertise includes abrasives; cutting tools; fluids & filtration products; punch & die components; work holding; tool storage & dispensing systems; and fully engineered product in the areas of milling, drilling, turning and boring.