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Durable Mecco Hand Stamps and Safety Holders Save Pain and Money

Amy Bruecks of City Carbonic Sales & Service in Oklahoma City, OK had a problem - the hand stamps used to mark compressed gas cylinders were not only costing them money but were causing injuries to the employees using them.  "We were tired of having employees hurt and needed to find a supplier that made a product that could mark the cylinders as per the regulations without causing injuries to our employees.' states Ms. Bruecks. 
City Carbonic re-qualifies and re-fills compressed gas cylinders for a variety of industries including fire departments, welding, SCUBA, paint ball, medical and aviation.   The cylinders are made of steel or aluminum and must be marked each time they are requalified as required by 49 CFR-180.  The cylinders are marked along the tapered crown section so that the user can easily identify when the cylinder was re-qualified.

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City Carbonic uses a range of date code hand stamps with the ones for the year being the most often used.  "We will mark up to 26,000 cylinders per year with the year hand stamp so it must be able to withstand that many impacts.  Our previous stamps would mushroom at the hammer impact point and in some cases pieces would break off and fly around like shrapnel causing a very unsafe and unacceptable working condition." says Ms. Bruecks.

The solution - Durable Mecco Safety First Stamp Grip along with Durable Mecco Hand Stamps.  There are a few options for the grips:

One is the Safety First grip which protects the users hand while striking the steel hand stamp.

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"These types of holders along with the higher quality hand stamps from Durable Mecco have completely eliminated the mushrooming and shrapnel issues for our employees.  Our mark quality is better, our process is safer, and we save money on replacement stamps.  Durable Mecco has delivered the best hand stamp products we have seen." said Ms. Bruecks.

Durable Mecco
has been making steel stamps and similar products since 1889 and has unique processes and materials expertise that give you the peace of mind to know that your part will be marked, safely, each and every time.