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Honeywell Ribbons For Intermec

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    Honeywell Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Intermec

    Need Honeywell (formerly Intermec) replacement ribbons? We have you covered. 

    Honeywell announced in August 2023 that they would be closing their media business, and, as a result, will no longer supply replacement thermal ribbons for their Intermec printers.

    Fortunately, Durable Technologies can provide drop-in replacement ribbons for all of Honeywell's formulas, including wax, wax/resin, and resin, with competitive pricing and free samples to ensure a smooth transition.

    We offer compatible ribbons for use in their biggest selling Intermec printer models 3240, 3400, 3440, 4420, 4440, and 8646. Just let us know which formula you were ordering from Honeywell and we'll do the rest. 

    Call us today for your Honeywell ribbon needs!

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    Honeywell Item Number Our Item Number Product Grade
    12084106C FHD12084106C APR 6
    327P4106 FHD327P4106 APR 6
    12084106C FHD12084106C APR 6
    11064118 FHD11064118 GP725
    11084106-C FHD11084106C GP725
    13084106-HSM FHD13084106HSM SP330
    13033312 FHD13033312 SP330

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