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Industrial Stencils Let You Make a Reliable Mark

industrial stencilsStencils aren't just for DIY political activists. If you need to make permanent marks, but aren't interested in embossing or other direct part marking methods, industrial stencils could be the solution you are looking for. Whether it's product identification, shipping information, or other info that requires an easy to read and permanent mark, stencils can help.

When it comes to industrial stencils, you have a lot of options. You could use a stencil cutting machine that allows you to create custom stencils on your PC and have them printed on a variety of materials like .011" oilboard, polyethylene, sandblast, stencil mask, vinyl, magnetic and other materials. Or you could go with a set of interlocking brass stencils which are available in letter and number sets, or both. Industrial inks, spray ink, rollers, and brushes are available to help facilitate industrials stenciling needs.

These stencils are used for a wide variety of applications, one of which is to use them to spray and mark ceramic wheels which are used for abrasives and grinding. For many years we were supplying one of our customer's with stencils that were etched in magnesium; now we're cutting them in stainless steel on our water jet machine. This method is actually less expensive and produces a more durable, long-lasting product for the end user.

Our stencils are also commonly used for military packaging, fire protection systems and fire extinguishers.  

Durable Technologies' sister company, A.A. White Company in Uxbridge, MA, has been in business since 1860. Check out this cool photo from back in the day and note the sign advertising stencils. A.A. White Company provides office marking devices, pre-inked stamps, rubber stamps, as well as interior and exterior signage and nameplates.

industrial stencils