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Steel Stamp Dies for Pharmaceutical Package Imprinting

Posted by Matt Martin

When you need to mark a large quantity of pharmaceutical sample packages and need to replace old steel stamp dies, Durable Mecco can deliver.steel stamping die, steel stamp dies

Amcor Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging in Bethlehem, PA, formerly Alcan Packaging, is in the business of providing contract packaging for pharmaceutical companies. They regularly need to mark a wide variety of sizes and shapes of packaging as well as ones made from numerous different materials.

Durable Mecco supplies OEM replacement steel stamping dies that easily fit in the existing ‘pouching’ machines that produce the single dose type sample packs so commonly requested by Amcor’s customers.

Avery steel stamp die
Jones steel stamp die
Kwik-lok steel stamp die
T-type steel stamp die
Utility steel stamp die
Arenco steel stamp die
Norwood steel stamp die
Markem steel stamp die
Doboy steel stamp die
Concave steel stamp die
Schmidt steel stamp die
Open Date steel stamp die
Open Date

The sharp and flat faced steel stamping dies are used to imprint product lot number and expiration date on pharmaceutical sample pouches. Two steel stamp dies are used in conjunction to mark a set of two pouches as they pass through the marking and sealing system. This is a high volume packaging operation where accuracy, consistency, and repeatability are crucial.  Traceability for pharmaceutical packages is missions critical and needs to meet federal regulations. 

“Durable Mecco has provided outstanding services to Alcan and since the acquisition by Amcor and that service level has increased to meet every challenge. We are especially pleased by your willingness to reach deep into the supply chain and clarify our requirements to sub-contractors who supply the base materials used to make the steel stamping dies,” states Roy Ramsay, Amcor Buyer.  

This post was published on July 22, 2010 and updated on June 6, 2016.

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