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A popular marking solution for serial numbering and sequential part marking requirements is numbering heads. Easy to use and robust, marking numbering heads are a very reliable way to stamp repetitive sequences such as product codes, part numbers, date codes, etc. There is virtually no limit to the range of products that can be marked with a numbering head.

There are four main types of steel numbering heads:

Automatic Numbering Heads: Automatic numbering heads are typically used for high volume production marking where automatic wheel advance is required to stamp consecutive numbering sequences such as product codes, part numbers, serial numbers, etc.

Hot Stamping: Both automatic and manual number heads can be customized with hot stamping equipment and a proportional temperature control package. When the optional proportional temperature control is used, which is highly recommended, a uniform stamping temperature can be maintained. Flat face characters are typically used when in these applications in order to facilitate the transfer of ink from a hot stamping ribbon to the substrate that you're printing on.

Manual Numbering Heads: Press style manual numbering heads can be used with a variety of impact presses and numbering and lettering presses, but are typically used for lower volume marking requirements like product codes, part numbers, serial numbers, etc.

Hand Held: Lower volume marking requirements are typically best served with hand held manual change numbering heads. Each wheel can be manually changed with a spanner wrench, and the sequence will be retained unless changed by the operator with the spanner wrench. These hand held numbering heads are ideal for marking things like product codes, part numbers, serial numbers, etc.

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