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Durable Industrial Paint Markers Brighten NASCAR

Durable Industrial Paint Markers Brighten NASCAR

industrial pain markersDurable's industrial paint markers made their way to Garrett Denton, the youngest winner in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series history, so that he can record Make-A-Wish donators permanently atop his car. Garrett is partnered with Massachusetts and Rhode Island Make-A-Wish foundations. His goal is to raise $500 and cover the roof of his car in Make-A-Wish donation stars. To make sure the signatures on the donation stars are a permanent part of his car, he turned to Durable Technology's industrial paint markers.

From Garrett Denton's website:

"Durable Technology stepped in and donated markers so that your name will last the entire season on the star that you sponsor.  It is important to Garrett that everyone who supports Make-A-Wish this season is visible in lasting ink throughout the season on their star. Durable Technologies had just the marker. The "Mighty Marker" is an industrial strength marker that will be permanent on any surface. Thank you Durable Technology for your quick response and generous offer to supply these markers. Wow! They arrived the very next day."

Garrett's use of Durable Technologies industrial paint markers is one more example of how Durable's permanent marking products have many uses, including non-industrial applications. We are happy to support Garrett, Make-A-Wish, and it's contributors.

Click here to read more about his story.

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