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Custom Nameplates and Faceplates

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Durable Technologies offers wide array of custom nameplates which are perfect for identifying machines, equipment, property and utility location. Whether your requirement is for reference, instruction or decorative purposes, the nameplate solution for your need is available in a variety of imprinting processes on materials that suit even the most rugged environments.


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Engraved Custom Nameplates

Engraved tags and nameplates in plastic, brass, aluminum and stainless steel are often used to identify Push Buttons, Pilot Lights, Rotary Switch Dials, Signs, Selector Switches, Control Dials, Push-Pull Switches, Joy Sticks, Control Panels, Machine ID Tags, Panel Fronts, Valve Tags and many more.

*Durable Technologies is now a certified licensee for the Raster® Method of Braille. Call us today at 866-344-7721 to discuss your Braille nameplate requirements.

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Gauge Faceplate
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Custom Faceplates

Paper, plastic, high performance polyesters, and metal labels and scales can be stamped, engraved or printed. Perfect for model and serial number plates, warning and instructional plates, machines ID and gauge or button control plates.


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