Industrial Markers

Industrial Markers

We offer a wide variety of high quality valve-action permanent ink and industrial paint markers, as well as removable ink markers. Our write-on industrial markers can be used on plastic, metal, glass, wood and many other types of materials. Ideal for use in all industrial environments, including metal fabricators, automotive manufacturing companies and distributors, welding shops, oil companies, nuclear plants and more. Whatever your industrial marking pen requirements are or if you’re looking for a special color or application, we have the products and expertise that will meet your high standards.

*Due to shipping restrictions related to hazardous materials, we are only able to ship these markers within the United States and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Artline Industrial Paint Markers

industrial markersIdeal for indoor and outdoor use where permanent marking is required. Artline Paint Markers can write on any surface, including metal, rubber, wood, glass, plastic, and stone. With a completely opaque finish, Paint Markers provide a dense and crisp color even on dark and transparent surfaces. Fast drying and highly fade resistant.  

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, Gold, White, Yellow and more

artline industrial markers



Artline Wetrite Industrial Marker

The Wetrite marker has been specifically designed to write on wet or damp surfaces. It is instant drying, waterproof, permanent, and Xylene free. Ideal for marking on non-porous wet surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, styrene foam, and porcelain. 

Colors: Black, Blue and Red

artline wetrite industrial marker


Artline Whiteboard Industrial Markers

For use on all porcelain, enamel or melamine surfaced boards. Whiteboard Markers provide dense colors, dry almost instantly and are easily erasable. Convenient to use for a long period of time without replacing the cap. Alcohol based ink.

Colors: Black, Blue, Green and Red

artline whiteboard industrial marker


Artline Long Nib Industrial Marker

The Long Nib Marker is ideal for marking in hard to reach spaces like circuit boards, behind fixtures to be installed (brackets), screw holes, etc. Nib extends over one inch. Instant drying and waterproof. Ruler printed on barrel for convenient measuring.  

Colors: Black and Blue

artline long nib industrial marker


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