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Custom Hand Stamp Applications

Posted by Matt Martin

Custom hand stamps, as an affordable and long-lasting customization tool, have a long history of allowing makers from a huge variety of industries to make their mark. Over the years we’ve helped a lot of companies, artisans, and makers customize hand stamps so that they can make exactly the mark they want in exactly the place they want to make it. We thought it might be nice to show off some of these talented people and their amazing work.

Steel Hand Stamps Leave a Mark


When you create custom leather accessories like iPad covers, belts, and wallets you need to clearly brand them so that you become memorable and unique in the eyes of your customers. Jack Heinz Company needed custom steel hand stamps to leave the kind of brand mark on their leather products that communicated the quality and value of the products they are they turned to Durable Technologies.


Custom Jewelry Marking Stamps from Durable Technologies

Anna Nava-Liess, the owner of AN-L Handcrafted located in VA, is a modern artisan. She creates custom jewelry that reflects her tastes, experiences, and eye for beauty.  When she needed to imprint a permanent mark into her works of art she called the experts on direct part marking at Durable Technologies.

Oowee Products: Custom Hand Stamps for Leather Products


Oowee Products of Asheville, NC creates custom, hand-crafted, leather sleeves for mugs and other beer accessories. Recently, they partnered with a major brewer for a promotion of their product line at large events. The problem was, they wanted to be able to customize a stamped mark into the leather but didn't want to use a standard font. They were looking for a custom hand stamp letter set, and that's where Durable Technologies came in.

Hevi-Bevl Steel Hand Stamps and the Right Hammer Choice

hevi-bevl-hand-stamp.jpgSharrow Lifting Products manufactures and sells a full line of lifting slings, rigging equipment, tie-down equipment, and other specialty lifting devices. They need a rugged direct part marking method to permanently imprint a model number and other part identification information on the metal components of their products. 

Custom Steel Hand Stamps for Rifles


Allan Broughman owns Broughman Gun Shop in Covington, VA, and is a gun expert specializing in restoring guns and building custom rifles. For the last few years, Durable Technologies has been making custom steel hand stamps for him to mark his rifles.

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This post was published on October 10, 2017 and updated on October 15, 2020.

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